4 Nursing Care – Home Care & Elderly Care

The Resident is at the centre of everything we do. Care is individualized and planned in consultation with the resident and family members. Our aim is to ensure that residents enjoy the best quality of life. We offer different models of care based on your needs and preferences –

Full Time Residential Care:

A home from home

Our residential care provides a full time home from home for the majority of our residents, who – along with their families – have direct input into their care, activities and surroundings. Our home care Galway is unparalleled because of our commitment to providing a physical environment built to the individual needs of our residents.

Convalescence Care:

Bringing you back to health

Our convalescence care can assist you with recuperation and recovery after surgery, or serious illness. A stepping stone to transitioning back to home life and daily activities. We can facilitate input from physiotherapy to assist in your recovery.

Respite Care Galway:

Supporting you by supporting your caregivers

We are familiar with the support, commitment and ultimately hard work given by caregivers in the home. We offer temporary care to allow caregivers some relief when necessary for a break away etc. This offers an opportunity for carers to recharge the batteries and be better able to support your ability to live in your home for longer and provide the best respite care Galway.

Palliative Care:

Care during times of serious illness

This type of care focuses on maintaining quality of life by prevention and management of pain. We focus on managing pain and other physical and psychological problems you may experience in coping with a life limiting illness. We work in conjunction with palliative services in Galway who offer specialist care in this area.

Elderly Care Galway:

We know the care elderly people require to live happy and healthy lives. That is why, our facilities, staff, and services are curated keeping the overall and the individualistic requirement of each resident. You can be assured of support at all times.

We work in conjunction with local G.P’s to ensure that the best possible package of care and support is available to every resident.